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Engravable tag – It has a number of distinct advantages over printed tags. Where printed tags are susceptible to fading, peeling or scraping away, an engravable tag will continue in perfect readability for decades. It will last as long as whatever you need labeled, or in some cases, even longer! All sorts of things can be improved with an engraved tag. Whether you need to mark small things like luggage or large things like bulldozers, an engravable tag  is the way to go. It will display whatever you need with a touch of style! On a job site,  an engravable tag can be absolutely essential. With all of the identical machines, it can be next to impossible to keep track of which one has gone where – an engravable tag will keep YOU in the KNOW.Engravable Tag

Once you slap an engravable tag onto something, though, inventory tracking becomes a breeze! There’s no more trying to remember which one was parked where. The tag makes everything clear at a glance. Even if it’s personal stuff that you’re keeping an eye on, an engravable tag is still the way to go. Sure, it’s easy to print out a label and tape it on, but printed labels have a habit of peeling away or tearing into unreadability. With an Engravable Tag – You never have to worry about that with engraving! Have you ever tried to tear a thick plastic tag? It essentially can’t be done. Engraving never wears off! So get in touch with us regarding your needs. Let us know what kind of tags you’re looking to get, and we’ll let you know how we can help you out. You can send us all of your information at once using the easy RFQ form below, or you can call or email if that’s more your style. We’ll get you set up with an engravable tag right away!  (hopefully you need more than just one!)

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Phenolic Tags Let You Label Your Life

Phenolic TagsPhenolic tags are an easy, cost-effective method of labeling. With our state-of-the-art lasers, making custom phenolic tags is as easy as falling off a log! We can engrave any message, artwork or design you’d like. Company name? Nothing could be easier. Company logo? We can do that, too. With the magic of screen printing, we can even print the exact colors on the tag. Whatever color you need, we can do it! If you’re looking for a bulk order, phenolic tags are a great way to go. We can line them up and print them off faster than you can blink. It’s as easy to make a thousand as it is to make one! Once we’ve got the lasers fired up, it can be harder to stop than it is to keep going. And the great thing about phenolic tags is that because the material is so easy to work with, it’s completely customizable.

You let us know what size, shape and thickness you need the phenolic tags to be, and we’ll make it happen for you. And in addition to screen printing, phenolic tags also come in many base colors, so even if you’re just sticking with basic engraving you can still get it in a color of your choice. How’s that for options, eh? You can’t get that kind of variety with metal or wood. So take a look around you. See how many things aren’t labeled? You could put your name on every one of them, so no one can dispute your ownership! Or you could give each one of them their own name, if you’d prefer. We’re not here to judge! We’re just here to help out. We’ll put phenolic tags to work for you in whatever way you’d desire!

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