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Do you need Custom Plastic Tags? Unlike traditional hand techniques, the intricacy, speed, and cost-effective nature of laser engraving has made it a popular method for businesses needing to personalize large volumes of Labels and Plates with a consistent result over-all. Laser engraving labels requires careful consideration of the materials properties and refine the laser to the strict parameters to achieve the desired results. Luckily over the years we have perfected our engraving techniques across various material types and popular brands!


Are you looking for the best laser cut plastic tags around? Look no further! Our laser cut plastic tags are ready to meet your needs. We produce hundreds of thousands of ID tags each year. Our laser cut plastic tags are ready to put any of these to work for you!. Our plastic comes in many thicknesses and we can custom-cut and punch it to any shape before we turn it over to the laser cut plastic tags. ID tags are ideal for machinery or other expensive equipment. Does your application require tracking, updated information/parts or service? We can engrave, etch or screen print various graphics, data, or even barcodes directly onto aluminum.  We are ready to meet your needs. Consider aluminum ID tags, for example. These are a fantastic solution for labeling, numbering or identifying things in any situation. They can be used to keep track of equipment or property, to mark boundaries or serve as warnings, just to name a few possibilities.

Go with our premium laser-cut plastic tags, where precision meets durability! Crafted with cutting-edge technology and attention to detail, our plastic tags are the epitome of excellence in industrial identification. Engineered to endure the toughest conditions, these tags are laser-cut with utmost precision, guaranteeing sharp, clear, and permanent markings. Whether you need identification for machinery, equipment, or products, our tags offer a reliable solution. Made from high-quality, weather-resistant plastic, these tags are built to last, resisting wear, tear, and harsh elements. Customize your tags with intricate designs, vibrant colors, and variable sizes to meet your specific needs. With our laser-cut plastic tags, you not only enhance the professional appearance of your products but also ensure vital information remains legible for years to come. Experience the unmatched quality and durability of our laser-cut plastic tags – the perfect choice for businesses that demand the best in industrial labeling

custom plastic tagsCustom plastic tags: Is there better way to permanently record important information? There is not. Our laser-etched custom plastic tags will not corrode or fade, no matter how long they’re in use. There are many options for your plastic tags, starting with the material itself. Do you want aluminum, stainless steel, plastic or something else? Whatever your choice, we can custom-cut and punch your tag to any shape, size or design you need. All custom plastic tags can be laser-etched or laser engraved for greater depth. Screen printing is also an option, if you need specific colors for your tag. Have some expensive equipment or machinery you need to track? Custom plastic tags are a perfect solution. Does your business require tracking, updated information/parts or service? We can print barcodes, QR codes and other information onto plastic tags for you. If you need graphics or logos, we can handle that as well. No matter what you need engraved on the tag, we’ll make it look great.

Custom plastic tags are widely used in many applications worldwide. There’s a reason for this! Custom plastic tags are reliable. We’re ready to fill orders both large and small. If you only need a dozen tags, we’re ready to help. If you need a thousand, we’re prepared to fill an order of that size as well. We produce all of our custom plastic tags in-house promptly and properly. These engraved tags are ideal for anything that must be monitored or has a warranty that requires a service, or just for marking your personal belongings. Look around you. Do you have something nearby that doesn’t have a tag on it? Can you really be sure that it’s yours? Tag it, and never wonder again. Contact us today to start your order!

Do You Need Custom Plastic Tags – Made Just for You?

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