Everything’s made of plastic these days. It’s cheap, it’s convenient and it’s easy to mass-produce. With so much plastic everywhere, how can you distinguish yours? Etching, that’s how. Etching is a clean and easy way to permanently display information on any surface you need. And etching works on all sorts of objects! Whether you’re looking at water bottles, lunchboxes or even cars, your best bet is to etch away. The best part is that after you engrave your information, it’s there forever. It won’t chip off or fade away! And that’s true no matter what you put on, from logos to slogans to tracking information. No matter what it is, it’s there for the life of the plastic! That’s the power of etching. Obviously it can’t survive past the plastic; then you’d just have marks hanging in the air, and that’s not how things work.

If you’ve got small objects, we can etch tags to help you track them. For larger ones, like computers or machinery, we can do the etching right onto the surface. All you’ve got to do is get us the items! And if that’s not feasible, we’ll produce plastic plates that you can affix to it instead. There are as many etching solutions as there are things to engrave! So if you need inventory tracking, company branding or any other sort of customization, you’ll find that etching is the definitive way to go. Its durability and ease set it apart, and you’ll quickly come to appreciate the difference it makes! If you’re not sure how it works, just check out our contact information at the end of this post. You can email, call or use the RFQ form below to send us your information and request, and you’ll receive a custom quote in return. You won’t find better prices anywhere! Let us get you set up today.

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