Tags numbered in sequence are basically a gift to yourself in the future. If you invest a little time right now, you’ll reap the benefits in countless saved hours in the years to come. Having your plastic tags numbered lets you tell at a glance which item among many similar ones you’re looking at. No more searching for identifying scratches or flaws to try to tell them apart! And no more vague terminology when you ask someone to get you a specific one. Gone are the days of “get the one from the back room, no, further back.” Now you can just say “get me number four”! Once you’ve got your tags numbered, everything becomes easier.Getting your tags numbered is convenient whether you’ve got two thousand items to keep track of, or only two. If you just have one, you probably don’t need your tags numbered. At that point, if you can see the tag, you’ve found your item. Done! We’ll still set you up with a tag, but the numbers are a bit superfluous.

Tags Numbered

But assuming you have multiple items to track, you’ll want plastic tags numbered in sequence. Fortunately, we’re masters at tag production! We can whip out a series of tags numbered by whatever method you’d like. Most people like a simple one, two, three, but if you need the sequence to go up by twos, or be in Roman numerals, or be entirely in letters, that’s all right by us! Save yourself from a painful hassle when inventory time rolls around! Let us set you up with numbered tags and you’ll never have to wonder which item you’re looking at again. Contact us via the RFQ form located just after this paragraph and we’ll get you a custom quote based on your needs today!

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