Custom Plastic Tags – Keep Your Information on Display

custom plastic tagsCustom plastic tags have a plethora of uses. You can label your computer, your car or your canisters. You can even use them to identify yourself! That’s true versatility. You can count on custom plastic tags to last for a very long time. Custom plastic tags can’t be torn. We’ve got a variety of methods to transfer your information onto your custom plastic tags.  We can engrave, laser-etch, anneal or pad print any images or text you need! What’s more, we can cut your custom plastic tags to any size, shape or thickness. Circles, squares, rectangles or flowers — we can do it all! If you need your tags to be on a solid plastic cube for some reason, we can do that, too. Seems weird, but we won’t tell you what to do!

Custom plastic tags are great for marking one item, but they’re even better when you’ve got a multitude of similar items. Inventory tracking is a breeze when you’ve got convenient, easy-to-read labels affixed to each item you’re trying to track! No more squinting for serial numbers. Printed custom plastic tags display the information you need clearly and indelibly. With as long as they last and as useful as they are, plastic tags are the most cost-effective solution available. We can engrave as many tags as you need, from one to ten thousand, and drop ship them directly to your business! Just send us your information via the RFQ form just below this paragraph, and we’ll get you set up with more tags than you can handle. We’re about to make your life the easiest it’s ever been!

What Will You Do With Your custom plastic tags?

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Engraved Tags Never Let You Down

Engraved tags have a number of distinct advantages over printed tags. Where printed tags are susceptible to fading, peeling or scraping away, engraved tags will continue in perfect readability for decades. They’ll last as long as whatever you need labeled, or in some cases, even longer! All sorts of things can be improved with engraved tags. Whether you need to mark small things like luggage or large things like bulldozers, engraved tags are the way to go. They’ll display whatever you need with a touch of style! On a job site, engraved tags can be absolutely essential. With all of the identical machines, it can be next to impossible to keep track of which one has gone where.

Once you slap engraved tags on them, though, inventory tracking becomes a breeze! There’s no more trying to remember which one was parked where. The tag makes everything clear at a glance. Even if it’s personal stuff that you’re keeping an eye on, engraved tags are still the way to go. Sure, it’s easy to print out a label and tape it on, but printed labels have a habit of peeling away or tearing into unreadability. You never have to worry about that with engraving! Have you ever tried to tear a thick plastic tag? It essentially can’t be done. Engraving never wears off! So get in touch with us regarding your needs. Let us know what kind of tags you’re looking to get, and we’ll let you know how we can help you out. You can send us all of your information at once using the easy RFQ form below, or you can call or email if that’s more your style. We’ll get you set up with custom tags right away!

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Phenolic Tags – What type of tags are the best fit?

phenolic tagsPhenolic Tags ( Plastic Tags ) or Metal Tags ( Aluminum Tags ) ?   What is the better product?

You need to purchase tags for some kind of application, that’s why you’re here. This article will help you to decide on what tag material or substrate will best fit your requirements. Maybe you need Phenolic Tags or maybe something more like Aluminum? We will start with a few basic questions to help determine the basis of what you need. We will discuss the following materials to offer guidance that pertains to your immediate tagging need and requirement.

#1) Durability – Are your tags going to be subjected to the harsh outdoor elements? Maybe they are simply being installed onto a control panel or power system that is kept indoors and within a climate controlled environment. Metal Tags are almost always a sure bet, although Phenolic Tags could work, depending on your environment, Phenolic Tags or Plastic Tags are not really the most durable approach, though the color stands out nicely.

Anodized Aluminum Metal Tags VS. Phenolic Tags or Plastic Tags

They are known as the best two materials to produce tags with in regards to harsh environments. Generally speaking I usually sway towards Aluminum Metal Tags as they are light-weight and will not corrode.  Stainless Steel Metal Tags have been known to contain corrosive properties over long periods of time based on various chemicals, temperature and especially exposure to nature and are much more durable than Phenolic Tags.

Aluminum Metal Tags & Data Plates ( Metal Tags )

Aluminum Metal Tags can be supplied in varying thickness from the ultra thin .003″ – .25″.  When produced in a thin format such as .003″ Aluminum Metal Tags extremely ideal for electrical equipment and machinery that may require barcoding, variable data, or information that specifically applies to inventory and tracking. Proper examples would be power supplies, small  motors, pumps, laptops or tablets issued in bulk volume throughout an organization. Thin Aluminum labels and Metal Tags are difficult to remove and can be produced in a tamper-proof format to help discourage theft.

.003 Aluminum Metal Tags are ideal for surfaces that are concaved or rounded as the thin material supplies the ability for your labels or tags to wrap AROUND an object such as a small Capstan motor or pump.

Aluminum Metal Tags ranging from a thickness of .020 – .25″ are almost all equally durable provided they are directly mounted to a flat surface with screws or bolts. High-Strength Adhesives may be used but to retain the ultimate durability we always encourage our customers to install with hardware and not adhesive.

Stainless Steel Metal Tags & Data Plates

Stainless Steel Metal Tags can be supplied in varying thickness from .020 – .5″ in thickness.  Metal Tags and Data plates that are manufactured out of Stainless Steel are ideal for harsh environments where they are subjected to physical abuse and chemical abuse. (physical impact or solvents/chemical agents). Phenolic tags are no good around chemical agents, solvents or harsh chemicals.

Proper application examples would be motors, boiler systems, heat exchangers, power systems or engine parts. Stainless steel Metal Tags do not contour very well, but it sure does hold up and is easy to clean. A large majority of Metal Tags and Data plates are made from Stainless Steel for reasons of durability, aethetics and sanitary properties. It is very easy to wipe down stainless and it cleans up nicely 🙂

Brass Tags Metal Tags

Metal Tags created from Brass can be supplied in varying thickness from .020 – .1875″ in thickness as it’s much harder to cut with a laser.  Valve tags are often manufactured out of Brass and are ideal for harsh environments where they are subjected to physical abuse and chemical abuse. However Brass Tags are known to tarnish over time into a red or greenish color.

Proper application for Brass Tags would be valves, pumps, boiler systems, heat exchangers, or power systems. Brass does not contour very well around a part due to the thicker nature, but it sure does hold up and is easy to clean. A large majority of Metal Tags are made from Brass for reasons of durability, aesthetics and sanitary properties. It is very easy to wipe down brass and it cleans up nicely. It is much more durable than Phenolic Tags or Plastic Tags. Ph

Phenolic Tags Plastic Tags & Signs

Phenolic Tags or Plastic Tags can be supplied in varying thickness from .020 – .1875″ in thickness and it is very easy to cut with a laser.  Most Phenolic Tags or Plastic Tags are often manufactured out of Plastic and they can withstand physical abuse and easily be removed and reapplied when needed. However Phenolic Tags or Plastic tags are sensitive to harsh solvents and chemicals which can cause imperfections in the background color of the tag to “bubble or smear”. Phenolic Tags or Plastic Tags are available in over one-hundred different color schemes. Learn more about  Plastic Tags Here

Phenolic Tags or Plastic Tags Are Available in Lots of Colors!

Phenolic Tags or Plastic Tags are great because we supply them with adhesive or custom cut holes very easily into the corners/sides of the material. We can easily laser-cut holes in various places if you require tags for control panels for knobs, buttons or switches. Proper application for Phenolic Tags or Plastic Tags would be breaker boxes, valves, pumps, control panels, boiler systems, electrical components, or power systems. Phenolic Tags or Plastic tags can contour very well around a part in thinner formats like .020″ or .03125″. A majority of Phenolic Tags or Plastic Tags are made from plastic for reasons of durability, aesthetics and sanitary properties. It is very easy to wipe down plastic with 71% alcohol and it cleans up nicely 🙂 Our typical Phenolic Tags or Plastic Tags available in thickness ranging from .03125″ up to .125″. Phenolic Tags or Plastic Tags can be cut to virtually any shape imaginable. Phenolic Tags and Plastic Tags are a must have application no matter what industry you might happen to fall into – Phenolic Tags come in the coolest colors.

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